C18th Chinese Porcelain Fish Bowl

The fish bowl had previously been repaired extensively. Old breakages had been repaired with adhesives that had become brittle and had shrunk over time. A metal band had also been applied around the foot to add stability.

The metal band was removed mechanically. The bowl was then dismantled with the controlled use of a Derotor GV steam cleaner. It was then cleaned with a variety of materials; mechanical, solvent cleaning, detergeants and poulticing.

Travelling cracks and broken sections were consolidated and bonded using a water white epoxy resin.

The missing handle/lug was remodelled by firstly taking an impression/mould from an extant handle in a quick setting silicone impression material. Then, an epoxy putty was pressed into¬† this mould and once cured it was refined and bonded in place over the missing area. Small missing areas were in-filled with a coloured epoxy paste, comprised of an epoxy resin, fumed silica, and artist’s dry powder pigments. Where necessary decorative elements were created by retouching with a clear ceramic glaze and artists dry powder pigments.