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Our Services

EDGE provides services to conserve and restore pottery, porcelain and related materials, maintaining the integrity of the object and preventing further deterioration. Objects that are broken into many pieces can be reconstructed and those having missing elements can be remodelled. Objects are conserved-restored to a known appearance and this is done using only highly specialist materials and techniques proven not to damage the object. Whether objects are of purely sentimental value or are of high value from an important collection, they are all treated with equal respect, care and attention.

General wear-and-tear, ageing processes, environmental changes and poor handling can cause damage to objects. It is vital to store, display and, when necessary, transport and handle objects in a way that safeguards their delicate nature. We can advise on storage and display solutions for your collections, as well as ensuring that collections are protected appropriately during transit. Additionally, we can provide guidance on handling, cleaning and maintenance of individual items and collections in the home.

Before any conservation work is undertaken, whether it be preventive or interventive, it is necessary to undertake an object assessment or collection survey. EDGE can provide a variety of object assessments and collection surveys to suit your needs.

EDGE can provide a comprehensive range of conservation consultancy services. We take pride in developing close working relationships with our clients, to provide trusted and highly qualified services that ensure the ultimate care of an item or collection.

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Types of materials we conserve-restore


Expert conservation-restoration for more than 25 years

Our extensive knowledge and experience of the heritage industry has helped us develop services that answer the needs of today’s clients in both the public and private sectors.

We can provide a fully professional, trusted and reliable service to meet the conservation -restoration needs of your object and/or collections, from single treasured family heirlooms to priceless historical items and large public collections.

EDGE was founded by Lynne Edge B.A. (hons)., B.A.D.A.dip., A.C.R. Lynne is a highly-qualified and respected conservator -restorer with over 25 years of experience working with diverse collections of pottery, porcelain and related materials in the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas.