Stoneware Garden Urn

The urn and its base had been broken for some time. An attempt had been made at some point to reconstruct the broken sections with  a silicone-type material.

The fragments were dismantled with various combinations of solvent applications and then the application of steam using a Derotor GV steam cleaner. Once dismantled the edges of the fragments were further cleaned mechanically.

Dismantled sections were re-bonded using a polyester resin. The chips along the joins lines and larger missing areas to the edges of the lip were filled with the same polyester, but with the addition of artist’s dry powder pigments. Once cured these fills were refined with various hand tools, sand papers and sanding fabric. The fills were then further treated by retouching with a clear acrylic glaze combined with acrylic paints, and then a final layer of an epoxy resin was applied over the filled/retouched areas. This was polished with a plastic polish.