Late C19th Joseph Holdcroft Majolica Sugar Bowl & Cover

The sugar bowl lid had been previously repaired. The repairs were very crude and were misaligned. The old repairs were dismantled using various combinations of mechanical and solvent applications. The fragments were cleaned mechanically and with controlled use of a Derotor Steam Cleaner GV. Broken edges were further cleaned with various poultices.
Broken edges and chips were consolidated with a 10% solution of a conservation grade acrylic resin in acetone and then bonded with a 1:1 combination of the same resin. Chips and missing areas were filled with either Polyfilla and/or plaster of Paris. A large missing area of the flange was reconstructed using plaster of Paris to form a core fill and the missing glaze was mimicked using a coloured epoxy paste. Filled areas were further finished by retouching with a water-borne ceramic glaze and artist’s dry powder pigments .Retouched areas were polished with polishing fabric and then a plastic polish.